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It is no longer allowed to give free carrier bags at takeaway. It costs DKK 5,- per bag.
You are of course allowed to bring your own bag. This must be mentioned when you order!


Snack basket – perfect for sharing
1 person / 118,- 2 people 168,-

Chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce and sesame,
large nuggets, fried cheese, falafel, onion rings, beer sausages, fries and 3 x dip


Solæg – Southern Jutland specialty – dkk 30,-
Rustic fries – dkk 48,-
Sweet potato fries – dkk 50,-

Choose from one of the following dips:
Mayonnaise, chilli mayo, truffle mayo, mushroom mayo or aioli

Extra dip – 5


Main courses / Salads

BBQ marinated spareribs
2 pcs. / 4 pcs.
148,- / 194,-
With rustic fries and coleslaw


Mixed salat
Red and green cabage, carrots, red pepper, spring onion, edemame beans, soy-roasted sunflower seeds, homemade vinagrette

Additional purchases:
Marinated chicken +  39,-
Falafel +  25,-
Parmesan + 15,-



Remember to order your fries and dip.
All the burgers can be ordered with a gluten-free burger bun and with vegan steak

Fox burger
General / Big
132 /  172 
Beef, tomato, bacon, Cheddar, lettuce, soft onions and homemade pickles

Chilli burger
Regular / Big
132 / 172 
Beef, salsa, jalepeños, tortilla chips, onion rings, Cheddar, salad and chili mayo

Game burger (Speciality)
Regular / Big
142 / 182 
Game steak with mushroom duxelles, tomato chutney, salad, cheddar, pickled beech hats and truffle mayo


Guacamole chicken burger
Regular / Big
132 / 172
Marinated chicken, salad, mushroom mayo
and coarse guacamole with pickled tomatoes

Portobello burger
Mushrooms, vegan mayo, lettuce, red onion, tomato, pickles and pickled mushrooms

NOK 178

+ Cheese 10,- (Not vegan)

3 types of sliders
Fox burger, Chili burger, Chicken guacamole burger



Side orders for burgers

Mixed salad – 38,-
Rustic fries – 30,-
Sweet potato fries – 38,-

Choose from one of our homemade dips:
Mayonnaise, chilli mayo, truffle mayo, mushroom mayo or aioli


Homemade milkshake, price per piece 52,-
Chocolate bread with vanilla cream. Served with berry coulis