A selection of snacks, maybe for sharing
1 pers. 118,-
2 pers. 168,-

Chicken skewers with teriyaki,  deep fried cheese, pickled egg “solæg”, beer sausages, pommes frites, hand cut chips,  and 3 dips

Pickled egg “Solæg” 30,-


Rustic french fries 48,-
Sweet potatoes fries 50,-

Chose between ketchup or our homemade dips:
Mayo, chili mayo, truffle mayo or aioli.

Extra dip 5,-



Italian 148,-

with air-dried ham, sun-dried tomato, rucola salad and Parmesan

Vegetarian   118,-

with red onions, sweet drops, soy sauce,
sunflower seeds, pickled mushrooms, Emmental,
cabbage and pesto

Mexican 168,-

with tenderloin, sun-dried tomato, jalapeños, rosemary and Parmesan
Guacamole 15,-
Salsa 10,-

Tenderloin Flammkuchen 168,-

Tenderloin with garlic-rosemary oil, pickled mushrooms, soft onions, grated emmentaler, fresh tomato and fried rosemary

Classic 118,-

with onion, bacon, nutmeg and Emmental

Main courses

Cottage pie 192,-

Scottish pie with beef, creamy mashed potatoes, grated emmentaler and flavored with truffle 


Lamb stew (Our specialty) 198,-

Lamb, carrots, celery and onion Served with coarse mashed potato

Fish ´n chips

with tartar sauce and pickled red onions 2 pcs./ 4 pcs.
148,-   178,-


BBQ-marinated spareribs  2 pcs/ 4 pcs.
142,- / 194,-

With rustic french fries and coleslaw


Nachos 128,-

Melted with cheddar cheese and jalapeños served with homemade salsa, guacamole and sour cream

Marinated chicken + 25,-


Remember to order sides for your steak
All steaks are served with crispy rosemary and creamy celery


Beef tenderloin 250g   228,-

Striploin 300g “Australian Grain Feed”  242,-



Side orders for steaks:

Garlic bread 20,-
Mixed salad 38,-
Rustic french fries 32,-
Homemade bearnaise 25,-
Herbsbutter 12,-

Chose between one of our homemade dips or ketchup:

Mayonnaise, chilimayo, truffle mayo or aioli. 


Extra dip  5,-

Full House Menu

(Min 2 persons) price pr. person 398,-
Perfect for a cozy night out with your loved ones

1. serving:
Mini tapas with different cuts, fish n chips, and dips

2. serving:
Striploin for sharing “Australian Grain Feed” with pommes, homemade bearnaise, 
and herb butter 

3. serving:
Homemade “ Milkslice” with ice cream
or Irish Coffee instead of dessert

Rillette of tenderloin 20,-
Mixed salad 38,-



Mixed salad  82,-

With mixed red and green cabbage, carrots, onions, soy seeds, homemade vinagrette and home baked bread

Choose from following add on’s:

Marinated chicken +25,-

Falafel +25,-


Remember to order a side for your burger
All burgers can be ordered with a gluten free bun

Fox burger

Regular 132,-
Medium 152,-
Large. 172,-

With beef, tomato, bacon, cheddar, soft onions, mayo and homemade pickles

Chili burger

Regular 132,-
Medium 152,-
Large. 172,-

With beef, salsa, jalapeños, tortilla chips, onion rings, cheddar, salad and chili mayo

Gameburger (Our specialty)

Regular. 142,-
Large. 182,-

With mushroom duxelles, tomato chutney, salad, emmentaler, pickled beech hats and truffle mayo


Monthly Burger (February) 135,-
Ask your waiter


Vegan burger 148,-

With portobello mushroom. Served with vegan mayo, salad and vegan cheese

+ cheese 10,-

Guacamole chicken burger

Regular. 132,-
Large. 172,-

Marinated chicken, salad, mushroom mayo and coarse guacamole with pickled tomatoes

Hot n’ Pub burger


Regular 132,-
Large 172,-

Brioche bun, beef, chorizo, ‘big chili cheese top’, spicy cucumber relish and salad

3 sliders – Fox burger, Chili burger, Chicken burger  148,-

A selection of our most popular burgers, but sized down to sliders burgers.

Side orders for burgers: 

Mixed salad  38,-
Rustic french fries 32,-
Sweet Fries 38,-

Choose between one of our homemade dips or ketchup:
Mayonnaise, chilimayo, truffle mayo or aioli.

Foxy Student Burger 98,- (Only Monday – Thursday)

Beef, Tomato, Bacon, Cheddar, Onion, Mayo, Homemade Pickles, Fries & Dip. (Student-ID required)

Foxy Student Deal 148,- (Only Monday to Thursday & 18+)

Foxy Student Burger & Pint of Carlsberg/Classic Or Heineken. (Student-ID required)


Ice cream dessert from “Frydendal” dairy store  68,-

Choose between following flavors:

Pistachio and vanilla

Raspberry sorbet and chocolate

With whisky (house specialty)


Homemade milk-slice 58,- pr. pcs

Chocolate bread with vanilla cream and homemade raspberry sauce
Perfect with coffee or as a snack

Kids menu

Kids ribs with french fries and coleslaw 68,-


Kids burger with french fries and remoulade 68,-


Chicken nuggets with french fries 58,-