Beer – tasting

A diverse way of getting together.

Beer-tasting at Fox and Hounds is a diverse and casual way of getting together for a nice evening with friends, colleagues, family or the association.

While you are tasting exciting national and international beers, one of our talented bartenders are telling stories of the orgin of the beer and the compostion, and about the international breweries, similarities and differences of the beers ingredients, brewing methods around the world. You will also be a part of the impression of taste, scent and colour of the beer.

8 different beer types will be presented and a focus upon the diversity of the beer-world through diverse types, combinations, brewing methods and processes will occur.

All this is spiced with anecdotes and stories about beers within an inspiring and humorous way, and of course the mood rises while the beers are enjoyed.

Beer tasting can be combined with food; you can either choose between our famous tender spareribs or our deliciuous flammkuchen, which will be served in different styles until you are full.

If you have any specific desires for the beer-tasting, i.e. specific beers, types or focus areas we will do our best to meet the your wishes.

Price for beer-tasting only: kr. 300,-/person

Call and ask on 0045 30 21 48 98 or drop by to get a chat about your specific wishes

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