Gin & Tonics

Gin (with soda +20,-)

Als Gin 55,-

100% organic gin destilled at the local Als Destilleri, has notes of anis, coriander, fennel and buckthorn.

Bombay Sapphire Gin 45,-

Whilst ordinary gins boil their botanicals directly in the spirit to achieve their flavour, the taste of Bombay Sapphire is created through the Vapour Infusion process.

Bruni Collins 60,-

Very sweet, complex and citrussy gin, much like italian limonicella. Very easy to drink.


Citadelle Gin 55,-

A complex gin with 19 different spices, which is very soft due to the 3 times distillation and perfect balance after design of the worlds best Master Blender, Alexander Gabriel.

Cubical Mango Gin 55,-

Citrus, mango and orange flavours, made in a 100 year old cobber still. A lovely sweet gin.

Dybbøl Gin Sønderborg Distillery 55,-

Organic gin with a nice twist of licorice and fresh fruity notes. This gin has been destilled twice for a round soft taste.

Merchant’s Choice London Dry Gin 45,-

Distilled to meet the high expectations and discerning tastes of the world’s top bartenders. Elegant London Dry Gin that combines bright Juniper, earthy spices with a fresh citrus finish. 

Kalas (Ka’Læs) Gin 60,-

”Ka’læs”, means ”big amounts of something good”, its a fresh gin with notes of juniper, citrus, cardamom and chamomile.

Kalas (Ka’Læs) Oak Aged Gin 60,-

Aged on oak pellets which gives some lovely notes of vanilla and spices.

Hendricks Gin 60,-

Cucumber and rose leaves makes a unique flavor in combination with gin, giving Hendrick’s gin a nice mild and fresh flavor.

Monkeys 47 Gin 60,-

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin is a very unusual gin, with its aromatic and flowering notes, from citrus oils, cranberry and many more, which can be an overwhelming taste for most people.

Tanqueray No ten 55,-

There is no doubt that when noses Tanqueray No. Ten. the use of fresh, whole citrus fruit comes to mind. Although the juniper is the dominant flavour, accompanied with a fresh and clear scent of grapefruit.

Warner Edwards Elderflower 60,-

Harvested just once a year, we capture the very essence of a British summer’s day, from field to bottle in just a few short hours. A beautifully balanced gin that is smooth, sweet and delicately fragrant with summer elderflower.

Warner Edwards Rhubarb 60,-

Made with royal rhubarb – the same rhubarb that was originally grown in the kitchen gardens at Buckingham Palace during Queen Victoria’s reign. A complex and mouth-watering rhubarb taste with cardamom and sweet orange. The aftertaste long and soft of sweet cinnamom.


Warner Edwards Honeybee 60,-

Warner’s Honeybee Gin is published in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society to protect our pollinators. A percentage of the proceeds from each bottle are donated in support of their pollination projects. Made with 28 different botanicals including honey from the farm’s own hive. Soft taste of lavender, rose and hints of grafruit. Aftertaste is smooth and lasting with dry sweet juniper, shelf flower, followed by lingering honey.


Gin Mare 60,-

Spanish gin made with the best botanicals from the mediteranean area. Notes of rosemary, thyme, basil and olive. A perfect match with the 1724 tonic.

Ferdinand Saar Dry Gin 65,-

Most quality gin can be enjoyed neat, in this case we would actually recomend it. This gin is soft and round, and infused with Riesling wine – lovely neat and with a mild tonic.

Le Tribute Gin 65,-

Very fruity gin made with kumquat, grape, lemongrass, mandarin and orange. A wonderfull gin made by the talented guys at MG destilleries.

TONIC / Premium Water

Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water 20 cl 30,-

Award winning tonic for their amazing blend of botanical oils with spring water and the best quality quinine from Acacia Zanthophloea (The Fever Tree) that contains a soft natural tonic which is pure and refreshing.

Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water 20 cl 30,-

By blends of essential oils from the flowers, fruits and herbs gathered around the Mediterrean shores and quality quinine from the fevertrees of the eastern Congo, this lovely tonic have some unique, delicate and floral tasting notes.

Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water 20 cl 30,-

The delicate and sweet taste of the tulip flower is perfectly balanced by the gentle bitterness of the quinine, which makes it perfectly match with fresh and floral gin


Doctor Polidori’s Cucumber 40,-

Based on the regular tonic for Doctor Polidori, but infused with cucumber. This gives the tonic a lovely fresh and floral palate. There havent been added so much sugar to this tonic, wich gives a lovely dry feeling.

1724 Tonic Water 20cl 40,-

The taste derived from the quinine is quite different compared to other tonic waters. It is less bitter, and has a very pleasant mandarin and citrus sweetness. The water is also very lightly carbonated giving it a more soft mouthfeel.